Dream it. Go for it. Achieve it. Setting Fitness Goals.

To establish a new exercise routine or to push yourself to get more out of your workouts, establish some goals. Below are some tips and pointers to make your goals turn into success stories!

  1. Set Smaller, Attainable Goals. We have always been told to dream big, think big. This saying doesn’t necessarily apply when trying to create lifestyle goals for yourself. When starting out with a new fitness routine set small attainable goals. Save the “run a marathon goal” for further down the road.
  2. Set Realistic Goals. If you have never ran before and can’t swim long periods of time, a triathlon might not be a realistic goal right now. What is realistic in this situation is a couch to 5k program or setting a goal to take swim lessons. Setting realistic, attainable goals builds confidence and allows you to set stepping stones towards reaching those goals that were once unrealistic.
  3. Set Measureable Goals. You want to set your goals with a specific target to work towards. To make your goals measurable, answer the questions: “how much?” and “how often?” Say your goal is walking for 30 minutes a day for 4 days a week. What makes this measurable is the fact that it answers both questions: “how much?” and “how often?”
  4. Prioritize Your Goals. Slim it down to the top one or two goals that you really want to achieve and you will succeed. Say you want to begin cycling 5 times a week, not eat any sweets, reduce your fat intake, and take the stairs, but you are unsure how to read nutrition labels and the cycling is making you tired so the elevator is looking good; something is likely to give if you try to do too much. You should prioritize your goals in way that puts you in the best possible position to achieve them all. Back to our example, start out by learning nutrition labels and taking the stairs, once you have those achieved and they become routine, you can easily move on to a new goal of cutting sweets and cycling a couple times a week. It is all a chain reaction towards achieving all of your goals.
  5. Pick A Goal End Date and Write It Down. Setting an end date and writing it down gives you a deadline to achieve your goal by and it’s a visual reminder. It will serve as a motivator knowing that it’s there. Writing down your goals also makes it more final. Share them with your friends and family and have them hold you accountable and keep you on track.

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  • Author: FitForsyth
  • Date: 12 October 2015
  • Categories: Cardio, Flexibility, Strength Balance