Holiday Fit-ivities

Hectic times are upon us. The holidays are here and that just means that our schedules are getting busier; making it even more difficult to squeeze in some physical activity. Below are some tips on how to ensure you stay active while not missing out on any of the holiday festivities.

  1. Park further away. When heading out to the mall to do some last minute shopping, park further away from the entrance to get a few extra steps in. Also, all of that walking from store to store counts towards your daily recommended physical activity.
  2. Do an extra lap. With all of those shopping bags, walk an extra lap around the mall. An added bonus you are also doing some strength conditioning with your shopping bags weighing you down!
  3. Walk instead of drive. Walk around your neighborhood to take in all of the lights of the season instead of driving around.
  4. Dance. Bust a move at the holiday parties; dancing is an excellent way to exercise and have fun while doing it!
  5. Try ice skating. Ice skating is a fun, active family activity. It is a great way to trick yourself into being active without even knowing it.

Article Information

  • Author: FitForsyth
  • Date: 13 November 2015
  • Categories: Strength, Balance