What is Fit Forsyth?

By popular demand and the success of the seasonal programs Just WALK! and Step Up Forsyth, We are pleased to introduce FitForsyth, a no-cost, year-round online tracking fitness program designed with Forsyth County in mind. Melding the best aspects the previous programs, FitForsyth provides a fun and easy way to plan and track your physical activities, either on your own or in self-organized groups. Open to all ages and abilities, FitForsyth promotes fun and safe physical activity through our community corner where participants can find walking routes and maps to walking trails throughout Forsyth County, along with several other community physical activity programs. Like before, participants are able to easily participate in scheduled activities and track their progress in manageable eight-week programs—all with the easy goal of 30-minutes of physical activity, five days per week. Start your physical activity today! It’s fun, free, and makes a healthier YOU!

FitForsyth will have challenges in the spring and fall, starting on the first monday of April and October. However, participants will be able to track their physical activity throughout the year.

How teams work

Once you register to join FitForsyth you will be able to join or create a team. Your teams will be there to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Benefits of being on a team

Your teammates will be your accountability partners. Accountability partners have been proven to be an essential part of keeping a person engaged and motivated in their fitness goals. Having a support system can help you in many ways. One: you will feel as sense of comradery, which could make fitness a FUN event. Two: you will have someone there to pick you back up after a tough day. Three: You can help your teammates accomplish their fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

FitForsyth is an online fitness tracking program. FitForsyth was developed by merging two popular seasonal programs, Just Walk and StepUp Forsyth. There will be challenges occurring in the spring and fall. However, we encourage you to remain physically active throughout the year and track your physical activity under the 365 section!
There will be two 8-week challenges in the spring in the fall. During these 8 week challenges participants will be encouraged to be consistent with their physical activity. We encourage everyone to try to get at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week.
FitForsyth will remain active and available to you year round. However, there will be two 8-week challenges occurring in the spring and fall. The spring challenge will begin on the first Monday of April and the fall will begin on the first Monday of October.
Yes! Participants are able to sign-up as either an individual or a team. While teams are strongly encouraged you are able to sign-up as an individual.
Yes! FitForsyth is an entirely free program for you, provided by the Forsyth County Department of Public Health. There will be no cost or fees for signing up and using the website.
FitForsyth is designed with the community in mind. Once you register for FitForsyth you will gain access to the community corner where you will be able to see all of the events and resources available to you.
A group is something permanent. A team is only during the 8 week challenges.